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Join Our Community of Connecticut Landscaping Professionals and Take Your Business to the Next Level

Welcome to our Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association where our mission is to provide our members with the knowledge and tools needed for success in their landscaping businesses. As a network of experienced professionals and allied landscaping businesses, we are committed to helping each other grow and succeed. With more than 54 years of service, we offer a variety of support tailored specifically to meet the needs of Connecticut’s contractors. From educational seminars to networking events, there’s something for everyone in our organization. We also provide access to cutting-edge technology solutions that help you stay competitive in today’s digital landscape.

At Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association, we believe it takes a village to create clear paths forward and ensure continued growth for our members. We invite you to join us as we move forward and make a difference in the landscape industry. Together, let’s create a lasting impact for all landscaping professionals in Connecticut! If you belong to any of the following industries, joining us would open you up to a worldview of opportunities:

Landscape Contractors

Enjoy educational events and seminars tailored specifically for professionals so they can stay up-to-date on trends, regulations, and more.


Receive access to our network of landscape professionals, allowing you to expand your customer base and your network in our industry.

Light Excavation

Take advantage of our member dealers' specials on tools, materials, and services that equip you with the right resources to stay ahead.

Outdoor Living Installers

Education and networking events that keep you informed on the latest in hardscape design and methods.

We welcome everyone who wishes to join us and be part of an supportive group of landscape professionals. We encourage formation of new relationships and collaboration with those within your industry. You will join a community of peers with common interests, helping you build a stronger network and further your professional journey. We are committed to enhancing the Green Industry in Connecticut through our commitment to excellence and dedication to our members. Join us today for an enriching experience!

Member Benefits

Annual Turf & Landscape Conference

Our 6+ 3A, 3B, and 3D credit bearing conference contains hours of relevant presentations and over 50 vendors. This is an excellent opportunity to network with members of our industry and connect with our loyal vendors.

Vendor and Dealer Network

Our loyal corporate and small business members are here to support and provide CGKA membership discounts to help our Association. We are proud of the support we receive from our vendors, and we celebrate the partnerships we form.

Monthly Workshops and Networking Events

Our monthly events provide educational and networking opportunities for our members and our industry. We aim to create opportunities to refine our skills, reinforce safety procedures, and educate our attendees for new way to be efficient and profitable. We welcome expert speakers to present to our group.

Digital Newsletters

Information, bid opportunities, networking opportunities, and links to relevant industry resources are distributed by email on a regular basis.

SiteOne.com 10% Discount

CGKA Members receive 10% off list price on their SiteOne.com orders through 12/31/2024. Email info@cgka.org for the discount code!


A hardscape themed evening for our members where we provide presentations by hardscape experts to educate our membership on new ways to transform outdoor living spaces.

CTEC Association Membership

The Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association contributes a portion of your membership dues to The Connecticut Environmental Council (CTEC) which represents our industry in legislative affairs in Hartford. CTEC is a coalition of professional associations, businesses and individuals which unites and informs its diverse membership on issues concerning the regulation and legislation of pesticides, integrated pest management, and water conservation.

UCONN Foundation

The Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association maintains our $100k endowment at UCONN. This foundation continues to provide scholarship opportunities for local students who are enrolled in Turf, Landscape, and Horticulture related courses.


The Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association proactively informs our membership base of potential and upcoming legislation. We provide an easy and effective way to communicate and engage with your elected officials. By taking proactive steps to understand legal requirements, landscapers can ensure their business operations run smoothly and remain compliant with applicable regulations.

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We Offer Exclusive Benefits for Our Industry Professionals

Joining the Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association can provide a wide range of benefits to landscape professionals, both tangible and intangible. On one hand, members can take advantage of resources such as networking with suppliers, bidding opportunities, educational programming and crew training. On the other hand there’s the sense of community that comes with networking with like-minded professionals in the Green Industry. The Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association can also provide a platform to network with other professionals across geographic boundaries and gain access to new ideas, technologies, and strategies.

Finally, becoming an active member also leads to better recognition for individuals in the form of awards and social media posts. This can open up doors to additional professional development and career growth opportunities for members. Overall, joining our Association can be a great way to strengthen relationships in the Landscaping and Green Industry and stay up to date with industry trends. With all of these advantages, it’s definitely worth considering a membership if you’re an outdoor contractor or professional.

Our Association additionally also offers the following landscaper benefits:

An exclusive invitation to the Annual Turf and Landscape Conference where you'll have access to hours of presentations and more than 50 vendors. Interact with industry leaders, gain invaluable information on fresh skills and techniques, as well as explore cutting-edge developments in your field.

Our monthly newsletters keep you up-to-date on essential industry news and new advancements in the landscaping business. You will also gain access to valuable info, tender opportunities, connections for networking, as well as links leading to resources that are pertinent.

Take advantage of monthly in person events that provide exclusive opportunities to enhance your skills, reinforce safety protocols and gain knowledge from experienced industry pros. Sharpen your craft while keeping up with the most advanced technology and techniques in turf care and landscaping.

Learn About Potential Financial Losses Due to Fines or Legal Action

If you need help understanding legal requirements to ensure that your business operations run and remain compliant with applicable regulations, the Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association (CGKA) can provide you with the necessary resources and support. Call now for more information.

What Our Members Say About Us

Our members say that the Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association is an invaluable resource for landscape contractors in the state. We are proud to be a cornerstone of the landscape industry in the state and look forward to continuing our work for many years to come. See what some of our members are saying below.


Nijat Ajdini

From the day I joined the CGKA I was welcomed with open arms! It has truly helped my business grow by networking with other contractors and learning things from others I would have had to learn the hard way(trial and error) if you’re on the fence, I truly believe you should make the jump. You won’t be disappointed!

Mike S

An invaluable resource for members of the CT green industry wide. Join other experienced professionals in the state and gain experience!

Town Line Lawn Care, LLC

Great organization full of knowledgeable people always willing to help others.

We Aid in Finding the Funding for Landscapers to Accelerate Their Businesses

Unlock Funding Opportunities for Your Landscaping Business with CGKA Membership

Landscapers have a variety of options for funding their projects and business operations. Local, state, and federal governments offer grants, loans, and tax incentives to support landscaping initiatives. In addition to government sources of funding, there are also private entities that provide resources for landscapers. Business owners can also seek out venture capitalists, angel investors, and other private financiers to fund their operations. Angel investors offer capital in exchange for equity stakes in a company’s future profits. Venture capitalists are another source of financing; they typically invest larger amounts than angel investors with the expectation of a higher return on their investment over time. Tax credits and deductions are also important considerations when looking into funding sources as well. The IRS offers incentives through credits that directly reduce tax liabilities and deductions that lower taxable income by reducing the overall amount paid to the government each year. For example, some states may allow a tax credit for landscaping businesses who hire employees from certain low-income backgrounds or those individuals with disabilities. 

Overall, there are many sources of funding for landscapers. Being a member of the Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association (CGKA) provides you an exclusive chance to gain access to various sources of funding for landscapers. We understand how important funding is to start any landscaping business, which is why we go above and beyond to help you. Our affiliation with the National Association of Landscape Professionals enables us to give you access to countless resources related to landscaping business finance. Our membership provides you with the information, guidance, and assistance you need to make informed decisions when looking for funding. We can help point out grants that are available specifically for landscape professionals, as well as help you connect with those who can advise on how to utilize tax incentives to lower your tax liabilities. Join CGKA today and unlock the potential of our association in helping you find the best sources of funding available for your landscaping initiatives!

By attending a CGKA event, you will have access to exclusive knowledge and updates on industry news that are not available anywhere else. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional looking for new ideas and trends, the various CGKA events in CT are perfect for sharpening your skills and keeping up with the latest advances in landscaping. Join us today to stay informed and connected!

Join Us for Exclusive Industry Insights, Hands-On Workshops, and Networking Opportunities at Our Events in Connecticut

As an organization committed to helping landscapers across the state, we participate in and organize various events in CT to foster knowledge and collaboration. We support and attend local shows in our area such as the Northeast Hardscape Expo and the SIMA Symposium. We also host smaller events throughout the year, such as seminars, workshops and field trips, that allow members to gain hands-on experience and network with other professionals in our fields. We strive to provide landscapers with valuable resources, education opportunities and networking connections through these events, which include:

The Connecticut Technical Education and Career System: In order to support the inclusion of landscape construction and equipment operation as study programs for their high schoolers, our organization wrote an enthusiastic letter accompanied by contributions from respected members. The response was overwhelmingly positive, making us ecstatic to continue this partnership with them!

At Tashua Knolls Golf Club & Banquets, Bob Mann and Terence Stovall shared their insight with members of the landscaping community. Our mission was to inform our members of our industry’s legislative future.

We organized the 2023 CGKA Turf and Landscape Conference with tremendous success. Attendees enjoyed insightful educational talks, a bustling trade show floor full of vendors, live demonstrations, and an after-conference social for valuable networking opportunities.

We successfully organized an NDS Drainage Certification Course. This sold out program educated drainage installers on new technology and proper installation techniques within the NDS Products.

Unlock Endless Opportunities for Growth and Success as a Landscape Contractor with CGKA

Join the Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association for ample opportunities to connect with fellow landscape contractors in CT. We host various events throughout the year, including seminars, workshops, and networking mixers, providing a great setting to share information on the latest trends and techniques in the industry. Additionally, we maintain a comprehensive online directory of landscaping professionals in Connecticut, allowing contractors to easily connect with other contractors. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, joining CGKA is a great way to network and grow your skills. Join today!