CGKA Validation 

This new program will offer credentialing to CGKA member grounds keeper firms and professionals that are a cut above, play by the rules, care about employees and show they have done it for a good amount of time. 

CGKA will promote Validated professionals and firms to the residential and commercial property owners of Connecticut. An expanded online member directory with a special Validated professionals section will be set up.

What do you need to do?

1) Be a member of the CGKA in good standing.

2) Be in business for a minimum of one year.

3) Submit a CGKA Validation Application- it will be reviewed and data verified. 

4) Once accepted your firm will receive the Validation logo  and you may use: CGKA-Validated Grounds Keeping Firm or CGKA - Validated Grounds Keeper Professional in your business development practices.

For a Validation application - click here-  CGKA Validation application.

Beginning in early 2019 the CGKA will be rolling out a marketing plan to promote our members as the true professionals who play by the rules and work to a higher standard. The main focus will be through social media, but other forms of marketing will also be engaged.

With this in mind the theme of the marketing program to property owners, realtors, facility managers and the general public will be CGKA Validation of its members for the basics of what a great grounds keeping firm should offer.

1)      Proper estimates and paperwork.
2)      Proper use of credentials, state registration and licenses.
3)      Full disclosure of insurance coverage.
4)      Quality references.

Those members who have achieved Validation will be listed in our member directory with a "CGKA-V" next to their firm's name if they wish.  

Members will be encouraged to use this designation in their business marketing. We want the CGKA "V" to be the mark of excellence.

We have the basic information from most of our firm members and this program may not be applicable for all, but we do welcome any and all members to resubmit the form* on this page with the information we'll keep in the database and use when giving out referrals. (*same as the one you filled in to join). Once the information is confirmed we will issue you your Validation "kit".

In addition to the Validation program we have also stepped up workshops and events for the fall, please attend as many as possible.

After filling out the form, please scan and email to