The Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association is the leading horticultural, agricultural and landscape business association in the state. Our green industry members include lawn maintenance & landscape contractors, arborists, irrigation firms, pavers, pest control, masons, nurseries & garden centers, turf farms, landscape designers, suppliers and allied businesses.

The CGKA members are professionals, who uphold the highest standards in horticulture, environmental practices, agriculture and the landscape business. Members are Validated to prove that they are state registered, licensed (if applicable), certified, insured and continue to advance their knowledge through safety, business development and licensing workshops.


The purpose of the CGKA as outlined in our bylaws includes but is not limited to the following:

a. To provide a medium for exchanging ideas of interest to Association members.

b. To advocate postitions and viewpoints concerning the Green Industry and other environmental matters so as to permit individuals and the public to form independent opinions and conclusions based on pertinent facts.

c. To foster and promote practical, effective, and efficient activities in the disciplines served by the Association.

d. To foster and promote uniform enforcement of laws, standards, regulations, and procedures adopted by federal, state, and local governments and their agencies affecting the activities of the members served by the association.

e. To afford due consideration to, and the expression of, opinions upon issue affecting the interests of the Green Industry and The Association members

f. To support educational programs directed towards the benefit of The Association's members, the Green Industry and the general public.

g. To develop a recommended Code of Conduct for members of The Association

h. To promote professionalism within the membership of The Association and the Green Industry.

The Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association exists as a body of Green Industry professionals who meet regularly to promote education, awareness, stewardship, and responsibility in the landscaping field.

We strive to maintain professionally registered and compliant membership, as well as facilitate legal and professional entry into the arena for new members or companies in Connecticut.

We are working to inform the public that when choosing a landscape professional they should set standards that we strive for including but not limited to Business registration with the State of Connecticut Departments of Revenue Service, Consumer Protection and Environmental Protection.

The CGKA works to inform the public that landscape companies need to be insured and responsible for the work that they perform. They should be certified if necessary.

We support education as evidenced by our annual scholarship to students in the University of Connecticut department of Plant Science. We maintain an endowment at the University of Connecticut for the same purpose.