2024 marks the 54th anniversary of CGKA's service to the Connecticut Green Industry and the mission of professional development, networking, and raising our standards.

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About CGKA

The Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association is an exclusive and invaluable resource for landscape contractors in our state, providing the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in the Green Industry. With over 50 years of experience, we are a close-knit network of experienced professionals and allied businesses that continually strive to provide support for each other in achieving their business goals.

Our Association offers a wide range of services, including educational seminars and networking events, allowing members to stay up-to-date on industry trends and connect with suppliers and like-minded peers. By having access to a larger knowledge base, members can provide more comprehensive services to clients while also remaining profitable. We take pride in being a cornerstone of the landscape and Green Industry in our state and invite those interested in joining our network to visit our membership portal. Let us help take your business to the next level!

Why Join CGKA?

CGKA helps to advance the success of landscape professionals and businesses by providing education on industry best practices, sharing updates, and helping to connect the local landscaping community in Connecticut. In addition to our educational offerings, our Association also advocates for the interests of landscape contractors at the local and state levels. We work to promote and protect the landscape industry, ensuring that our members have a strong voice in shaping the policies that affect their businesses. Explore some of the benefits that our members receive by joining the Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association.


Annual Turf & Landscape Conference

An exclusive invitation to our Annual Turf and Landscape Conference with hours of relevant presentations and over 50 vendors. Connect with industry experts, learn new techniques, and discover the latest advancements in your field.

Resource Roundup

Monthly newsletters and emails that provide valuable information, bid opportunities, networking contacts, and links to relevant resources. Stay up-to-date on important industry news and the latest developments in the landscaping business.

Skills Workshops

Monthly events that create unique chances to refine skills, reinforce safety procedures, and gain knowledge from experienced professionals in the Turf and Landscape fields. Continue to hone your craft while keeping up with the latest advances in technology and methodology.

Giving Back

We have performed charity work as an association, which has brought our members together to work for a common good. Benevolence is one of our core values and we are committed to making an impact in our communities.

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We are proud to be partnered with the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) to help promote the Landscape Industry Certified Exterior Technician Program. There are many benefits to completing the certification for your business. This is a globally recognized certification that will set you apart from other companies. The certification demonstrates your expertise allowing you to win more bids and provide the best service possible to your clients.

With flexible schedule and language options, you’ll be able to make this work for your whole team. As a proud partner, we recognize the great benefits from this certification and know it is sure to bring you a return in your business.

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What Our Members Say About Us

Our members say that the Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association is an invaluable resource for landscape contractors in the state. We are proud to be a cornerstone of the landscape industry in the state and look forward to continuing our work for many years to come. See what some of our members are saying below.


Nijat Ajdini

From the day I joined the CGKA I was welcomed with open arms! It has truly helped my business grow by networking with other contractors and learning things from others I would have had to learn the hard way(trial and error) if you’re on the fence, I truly believe you should make the jump. You won’t be disappointed!

Mike S

An invaluable resource for members of the CT green industry wide. Join other experienced professionals in the state and gain experience!

Town Line Lawn Care, LLC

Great organization full of knowledgeable people always willing to help others.

Build a Strong Network to Succeed in the Landscaping Industry

As a landscape contractor in Connecticut, building a strong network is essential for success. Being part of the Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association (CGKA) provides exclusive opportunities to connect with other professionals in the industry. CGKA hosts networking events that offer a platform to exchange insights and ideas about landscaping projects and practices and gain valuable information about the latest advancements in landscaping technology. By joining CGKA, contractors in CT can gain access to the best resources and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Contact CGKA today to start building your skills and strengthen your network.

Landscaping Events & Conferences in CT

Get the best education for landscape and lawn care professionals through our conferences and events hosted throughout CT. Gain knowledge from industry experts who have insider insights and connect with CEOs, owners, and managers who are also dealing with similar challenges and issues that you face. Some of the landscaping events in CT we have recently organized and participated in include:

  • Turf and Landscape Conference
  • Summer Equipment Showcase and Demo Day
  • Snow Removal and Ice Control Seminar and Trade Show
  • Truck and Trailer Safety Workshops
  • Summer BBQ and Hardscape Workshop
  • Pesticide Credit Seminars

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